Diana Frost’s Busting Out for Desk Sex

Diana Frost's Busting Out for Desk Sex

Diana Frost's Busting Out for Desk Sex

Diana Frost is one of those girls who has her sexy on 24/7. She can't help it. That's her nature. The photographer couldn't stop praising Diana. Neither could Dom, who has the honors in this scene.

They share a desk facing each other as they work. Diana said she likes to tease, eye-bang and flirt and that's what she does to Dom. She runs her hand over her big boobs and plays with the pen. The buttons on her pink cardigan look ready to pop.

Diana gets up from her chair and slowly comes over to Dom's side. She lowers her top and buries Dom's face between her bra-covered boobs. She unbuttons her top, discards it and takes off her bra so Dom can rub his face on her ample breast-flesh and lick her pink nipples. She holds them by the sides so Dom can suck on 'em.

They stand and Diana lies back on the desk, Dom moves her panties to the side so he can lick and kiss her shaved pussy. He sticks a finger in and rubs her pussy walls then goes back to his snatch-sucking while Diana squeezes her wobbling tits and cums.

Diana wants to suck on Dom and tit-fuck his cock before he fucks her. She kneels on the floor and rubs her pussy as Dom feeds her the sausage. She then lies back on the desk so Dom can fuck her. They move to the couch so Diana can sit on Dom's dick and get it inside her deep. Eventually they'll get around to finishing their paperwork. Right now they're having too much fun.

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There’s No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

There's No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

There's No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

The biggest surprise of 2019? It may well be the return of Africa Sexxx. We missed Africa, who last modeled in 2007, and thought that was the end of her modeling stint as time went by.

When Africa sent in her at-home snaps and wrote that she wanted to model again, we admit that we were shocked at the size of her tits and surprised to hear from her after so many years.

Africa's breasts grew from 32G to 40M. It's unbelievable. Any man's head can be buried between those sucklers, and forget about his dick. A search party would be needed to find a cock lost between her tits.

Africa asked our photographer Jose for a baseball cap. Africa used to be able to stick both boobs into a cap and suspend it. She wanted to try it on-camera. Now one boob can't fit.

Hat trick completed, Africa gives Donnie a neck and face massage that no one could ever get at their local spa. She gets on top of him in bed and pulls his jeans down to lick, suck and boob-rub his cock. Her deep throating skills are as hot as ever.

Africa gets on her tummy, and Donnie, hard as a rock from her tender loving cock care, can't wait to stick the meat axe deep into Africa's pussy for the first of their fuck positions. She licks and plays with her tits as he fucks her.

Most porn guys jack after fucking. Africa squeezes her tits together, burying Donnie's dick, and the pressure and motion makes him shoot inside her cleavage. When her boobs release his cock, Africa's tits are sticky with cum. Looking into the camera, Africa plays with her glazed jugs.

Africa is back!

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There’s No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

There's No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

There's No Sex Like Sex With Africa Sexxx

Africa Sexxx was a popular SCORE and V-mag Girl. Slim and stacked at 32G, and a very personable girl, Africa is a highly talented model. She's been off the grid for years. Her last visit was in 2007.

"When I became Africa, it was kind of a political thing," Africa said in her earliest interview. "I was feeling like people didn't know that black women were attractive. They don't look at us that way. They take the worst-case scenario and let that represent all of us. But, at the same time, I was also thinking that white men really do fantasize about black women. That's when I started stripping. I had a job as a receptionist for a year right after high school before I started dancing in clubs. As far as stripping in bars, I don't like it. Stripping at private parties and bachelor parties where they've called me and that's why I'm there, I love doing those."

Africa also told us how a guy should touch her tits.

"He should be very firm with his hands and his mouth, but not pinch the nipples. And I like a guy to take as much of my chi-chis in his hands as he can and squeeze them."

That was then.

Moving to the present day, a surprise email from Africa arrived. It was nice to be remembered. And she wanted to shoot again. There was also a huge change. Specifically in the bra department. Africa now measures an astounding 40M. The pictures she sent floored us, and once we picked ourselves off the floor, we invited her to see us. Now, very big hands are needed to take those chi-chis in hand.

In this scene, princess of pulchritude Africa talks to Jose, one of her previous photographers at SCORELAND, who has the honor of photographing her again. After their chat, Donnie Rock gets the royal treatment from Africa. She sucks and tit-mashes his cock, quickly making him as hard as his last name.

Donnie gives Africa the proper hard but firm fucking she's entitled to. His cock locked inside Africa's massive cleavage, Donnie squirts but it's hidden until Africa separates her boobs to show the sperm sample he's left between her tits.

Originally, before she even applied to SCORELAND, Africa did mostly amateur-style solo videos. She explained why at the time.

"Because a lot of people don't want to see me with guys. They've explained to me that they like to see themselves with me in their minds and if there's a guy in the picture, it ruins the fantasy for them. You know, when I think about doing a hardcore boy-girl video, I think to myself, 'What are you doing having sex on-camera?' It's so strange doing something so personal and private in front of a camera for all these people to watch. But once the camera starts rolling, I really get into it. Sometimes I forget the camera's even there."

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Bathtime Fun Pt1

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At The Bar In My Denim Hotpants

The good days come and I go out my summer outfits Here I am with my mini denim short that barely hide the hair and piercings of my pussy and a very short tshirt that shows the teats of my big udders I love to walk in this outfit in public -  (Gallery) 

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Loft Of Bliss

I want to show you the fun in my loftCum up the stairs and just relaxI will pose for you while you get that hard cock stiff for meMmmmmmm it looks soooo fucking tastyYum Fukking OHHHHHH Yes let me suck that cock as we party and dring champagne It is going to be a great start to the day XOXOXOBusty Bliss -  (Gallery) 

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